2018 Bison License #1

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Sold for: $14100.00[49 Bids]

Reserve: [n/a]Winner: Harold Melotte

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  • Location: Wyoming

Please Note: Bidding MINIMUM starts at $6,600.00. Any bids entered in lower to that were in an auction test-mode. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


Bison license bidding starts $6,600. Bidding will continue until the time listed. The Buy-It-Now option is no longer available.


The Wyoming Governor's Big Game License Coalition Bison License was donated by Wyoming Governor Matt Mead and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Association, with the remaining going towards supporting wildlife projects in Wyoming. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will provide more information on this hunt to the successful bidder.


Bidding format must be entered containing no "," or "$". For example, enter your bid as 6600.00.


For more information about the season, please contact the Wyoming Game & Fish Department (307) 777-4600.


Happy Bidding!

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From: Wyoming

To: United States

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