As you walk over to the sink and fill your water bottle, nothing comes out. Gazing out your kitchen window, you see the birds chirping at the feeder. There is nothing for them to drink either. Imagine all your water running dry. This valuable resource should be easily accessible as it is necessary for survival. As humans, we have the capability to fix the problem. If you had the opportunity to help wildlife regain access to water, would you? With your help, we can make this happen.

Your gift to the annual campaign allows us to create partnerships and build the capacity to support Wyoming’s incredible wildlife projects. You allow us to work with other organizations on projects like the Ferris Mountain Guzzler Project.

The Guzzler Project

Working with seven other partners, the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation is helping to ensure animals have access to water year-round through the guzzler project. The guzzlers are designed to minimize evaporation and collect rain water in warmer months, as well as being strategically placed to utilize solar radiation that melts ice and continues to provide water in the colder months.

Originally meant to benefit bighorn sheep and give them access to a reliable source of water year-round, the Ferris Mountain Guzzler Project provides other wildlife access to water across the eastern half of Ferris Mountain. Partnering with the Wyoming Governor’s Big Game License Coalition, the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation is responsible for administering the funds to make this project happen.

With help from the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation, the Bureau of Land Management used a helicopter operation to deliver and haul construction materials and tools to and from the Ferris Mountain Guzzler locations.

With your gift, the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation can continue to work with organizations engaged in conservation efforts statewide, like the Ferris Mountain Guzzler Project. Without the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation administering these funds, these conservation projects would be difficult to leverage throughout the state and wildlife would not benefit from the positive impact of our efforts.

Consider donating to the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation this holiday season. From now until the end of the year, your tax-deductible donation will be matched dollar for dollar. Your gift to WWF supports our work on conservation projects that will continue to create an enduring natural legacy for future generations of Wyoming’s wildlife.

Above: Photos of the guzzlers wildlife utilize.