Photo Credit: Emily Robin Photography
Photo Credit: Eden Welty

Getting Kids “Hooked” on the Outdoors

What do you get when you have a guy that believes strongly in making a better life for youth, and is also an avid fly fisherman? Joey’s Foundation, Inc. of course!

Joey Puettman had a dream in 2007. That dream was to blend two of his biggest passions, youth and fly fishing. With those two things in mind, he created Joey’s Foundation, Inc. Joey’s builds relationships between children and mentors while getting outdoors. These relationships create a lifetime of positive learning and confidence.

Because of donors like you, the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation is able to grant funds to the programs of Joey’s Foundation. This means more kids can be a part of something great.

The programs offered are simple: introduce children to the sport of fly fishing, while giving them a deep respect for the outdoors.

Participants connect with mentors and the outdoors long-term. They then discover their own potential. Because of your support of the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation, the kids at Joey’s are not just getting outside, they’re finding happiness in it.

Last year Joey’s celebrated their 10th Anniversary. In those 10 years they have grown. They offer programs for youth focused on fly rod building and fly tying. Joey’s also focuses on relationship building. Because of this, there are fewer school problems, substance abuse, and other everyday problems.

Joey’s is proud of the education that they provide to students. Their catch and release program and leave no trace practices are one-of-a-kind.

Each experience lets participants dive deep into learning. They walk away knowing more about, not just fly fishing, but ecology too. This means students gain more respect for the exciting land and the critters that call it home.

With your help, the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation is granting to Joey’s and others like it. You allow us to create an enduring, natural legacy of Wyoming’s greatest resource, its fish and wildlife. We thank you for helping us support good causes like Joey’s! Here is to an amazing and bountiful 2018!