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Wyoming Landowner’s Guide to Fences & Wildlife

Countless miles of fence crisscross the West like strands of a spider’s web. Fences are important for controlling livestock and trespass. They define and separate ranches and farms, outline property boundaries, enclose pastures and rangelands, and prevent livestock from straying onto highways. Yet those miles of fence can also create hazards and barriers for wildlife, from big game animals to birds. Fences can block or hinder daily wildlife movements, seasonal migrations, and access to forage and water. Wildlife may avoid areas with too many fences to negotiate – for example, pronghorn choose seasonal ranges with lower fence densities (Sheldon 2005.) When animals collide or tangle in fences they can be injured or killed, and wildlife damage to fences can be costly and frustrating for landowners.

Yet not all fences create problems for wild animals. By tailoring fence design and placement, you can prevent wildlife injuries and decrease damage to your fence. Many of these methods are low-cost or can save money in the long–run by reducing the need for future fence repair.

Our guidebook will help you construct and modify fences and crossings that are friendlier to wildlife while still meeting fencing needs. It will also help you with sources for technical assistance and possible cost–share opportunities.

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A Landowner's Guide to
Fences and Wildlife
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