Butler family

Gary Butler Establishes  Butler Wyoming Non-Game Wildlife Endowment Fund

Living in Wyoming, we are especially proud of our wildlife.  Over the years, various groups and individuals have sought to preserve our wildlife and their habitats with the primary focus being game animals.  Gary Butler, recent inductee into the Wyoming Outdoor Hall of Fame, and former Wyoming Game and Fish habitat biologist, has established a permanent Non-Game Wildlife fund.

Gary knows that the long-term sustainability of non-game species includes the integrity of their habitat.  Therefore, long-term habitat projects are a priority of the fund.  Gary realizes he cannot do it alone.  Working together on this cause allows good work to multiply and help way beyond what can be done individually.

To establish the Butler Wyoming Nongame Wildlife Endowment, the Butler Family Foundation contributed $25,000 to the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation.  WWF has agreed to build the principal to $250,000 or more within the next ten years.  Your donation will be used to grow the principal and only the interest earned will be used to finance non-game conservation efforts far into the future.

We are honored Gary chose WWF and are excited for this vital endowment to target non-game and their habitat.  We sincerely hope the Butler Family’s gift inspires others to contribute.

Help us reach the $250,000 goal!  Your donation(s) to the Fund will be recognized on our web site or you may remain anonymous if you desire.  It is also a great way to memorialize loved ones who have a passion for non-game species.

Call Tony Woodell, Director of the Wyoming Wildlife Foundation to discuss donations or endowments to the fund at (307) 432-9453 or use the link above to make your donation to our permanent Butler Wyoming Nongame Wildlife Endowment Fund.